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Case Studies

DSA Connect works with major companies operating within both the private and public sector across the UK. Ensuring the professional removal of IT equipment and secure data eradication, DSA Connect has successfully completed projects of various scales. All client names and information are kept confidential for security purposes.

IT Equipment Removal

International Sporting Event

IT equipment removal is a key aspect of cybersecurity in keeping businesses safe, with hackers attacking every 39 seconds causing businesses to be at risk of data breaches. It should be at the forefront to keep clients, staff and the business risk-free and compliant with GDPR laws.

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 An NHS organisation

The importance of data security and the responsibility to carry out safe and secure data destruction has become a primary concern for businesses across the globe. Risk prevention in cybersecurity will save any business from the costly consequences of a data breach.

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Data destruction

Regional Development Agencies

Data destruction and IT equipment resale is an important step in making sure office space is appropriately decluttered without facing risks of data breaches. IT asset removal and data destruction allow for a risk-free and hassle-free process that will uphold compliance with GDPR rules.

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Regional Borough Council

The ongoing removal of IT equipment and data erasure is one of the safest ways to keep businesses risk-free of data breaches. The likelihood of a data breach on organisations has increased more and more each year, but through the use of advanced equipment and procedures, companies such as DSA Connect have been able to reduce this risk.

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removal of IT equipment

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