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IT equipment removal services and data erasure

IT equipment removal is a key aspect of cybersecurity in keeping businesses safe, with hackers attacking every 39 seconds causing businesses to be at risk of data breaches, it should be at the forefront to keep clients, staff and the business risk-free and compliant with GDPR laws.

IT Equipment Removal


Major International Sporting Event, London


IT equipment removal and sales

Data erasure

The client

The client was an organisation responsible for delivering a major international sporting event in London. They initially approached DSA Connect for IT equipment removal – to decommission their ICT at five sites in and around London, one of which was their headquarters. During the course of the contract, the client also commissioned DSA Connect to remove and dispose of some specialist equipment from the sports arenas which was undertaken and completed within the specified deadline.

Post-decommissioning of the event, the client became part of a large government department and DSA Connect still manages their ICT disposals.

The task

DSA Connect was required for the removal and storage of assets from five different sites across London and the surrounding areas. These assets were to be taken to an environment that protected them from damage or deterioration. As a major company, they recruited DSA Connect to ensure safe IT equipment removal and secure erasure of data using the Blancco Driver Eraser 6 data eradication software to keep their unwanted data from being restored and accessed by unauthorised personnel.

The outcome

DSA Connect was able to ensure the safe and professional handling of all assets and data. This included 20 uplifts of equipment from 5 different locations, with de-branding, marketing, selling and recycling of over 3,425 assets, as well as the responsibility for removing data from over 2,000 items.

The client was provided with asset inventories, sales reports (including the sum received for each asset) and certification of data destruction for the 2,000+ items.

DSA Connect also removed, managed and disposed of some non-ICT specialist equipment from the sports arenas that necessitated various marketing routes to attract the right type of purchaser. For example, some of the equipment was US manufactured and the only distributors and re-sellers were based in the US. DSA Connect approached all the re-sellers and each provided a bid for the equipment. The highest bidder was selected and arrangements for the equipment to be shipped to the US were handled directly by DSA Connect.

Backed by many years of experience in IT equipment removal, management, marketing and selling of assets owned by both public and private organisations, DSA Connect has generated sales revenue for numerous organisations using the DSA Connect data removal services.

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