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Ongoing removal of IT equipment for a Regional Borough Council

The ongoing removal of IT equipment and data erasure is one of the safest ways to keep businesses risk-free of data breaches. The likelihood of a data breach on organisations has increased more and more each year, but through the use of advanced equipment and procedures, companies such as DSA Connect have been able to reduce this risk.


A Regional Borough Council


IT equipment removal

Data Erasure


The client

A Regional Borough Council originally signed up for a two-year contract for the removal of redundant IT equipment and destruction of data using DSA Connect’s services. This client is now on their 5th year of working with DSA Connect, relying on the service for ongoing removal of IT equipment and data eradication. The client originally sourced DSA Connect due to undergoing a complete refresh of its IT equipment.

The task

DSA Connect was initially required to remove approximately 6 tonnes of old and broken IT equipment from the client’s site, of which many had no re-sale value. However, the equipment still required data destruction, removal of asset tags, secure transportation and environmentally friendly disposal solutions.

The outcome

Efficient removal of IT equipment and data erasure was supplemented by asset inventories and data destruction certificates that were forwarded to the client. 

Different data erasure methods were used according to the condition of the equipment. For example, old and unsaleable items had the hard drives physically removed and degaussed using Ontrack® Eraser Degausser. The serial numbers of all hard drives degaussed were logged and forwarded to the client together with data destruction certificates.

Some items were refurbished and re-sold, while items that were not suitable for re-sale were dismantled, with sub-assemblies and materials segregated and recycled. All recyclable items were stripped down into their individual component parts, allowing circuit boards, ram and processor chips to be recycled by a precious metal refining company. Other metals such as shredded hard drives, equipment shells, cables (copper) were sent to an approved metal recycler for smelting and metal recovery. All of these processes follow DSA Connect’s zero to landfill policy. All identifying labels and asset tags were removed from kit prior to any dismantling and recycling process.

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