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Data destruction for Regional Development Agency

Data destruction and IT equipment resale is an important step in making sure office space is appropriately decluttered without facing risks of data breaches. IT asset removal and data destruction allow for a risk-free and hassle-free process that will uphold compliance with GDPR rules.

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Data Destruction

IT equipment removal and IT equipment resale

The client

A regional development agency, facing closure, sought an ICT asset removal and data eradication service that would respond quickly and efficiently to their requirements. They also needed to generate some revenue from their redundant equipment and therefore requested DSA Connect to assist them on this project. Trusting DSA Connect to complete the task within the required time, the client recommended DSA Connect to other regional development agencies for similar services, which resulted in three contracts that ran simultaneously.

The task 

The client recruited DSA Connect to fulfil the asset removal, IT equipment resale and data destruction contract. As the client was committed to a tight deadline and had a fixed closure date by which the asset removal, data destruction and IT equipment resale had to be completed, DSA Connect worked quickly and efficiently despite the high number of IT and telecoms units to collect, market and sell.

The outcome

DSA Connect collected 2,805 pieces of IT and telecoms units from these sites, of which 1,795 contained data which was destroyed using Blancco data eradication software. All IT equipment resale was managed within 4 months, in which all units with cleaned hard drives achieved a higher price than if the hard drives had been removed. The majority of assets were sold to end-users as they usually yield the highest price.

The standard protocol was followed whereby all items were de-branded prior to the IT equipment resale, meaning removing logo stickers and asset tags. This also included the production of asset inventories, data destruction with subsequent certification and monthly sales reports.

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