DSA Connect - On-site Data Destruction

We are open for business during the current Lockdown and are following all required Covid-safety measures.


On-site Data Destruction

For a minimum of 50 hard drives, we provide an on-site data destruction service using our mobile Ontrack® eraser degausser. Our engineers will attend your premises and degauss all your hard drives which takes approximately 1 minute per hard drive.

The degaussing machine is quick, clean and silent so there is no disruption to the work environment. The advantage of the degausser is that data destruction can be done indoors and not in the back of a vehicle, as is the case with on-site hard drive shredding. You will be provided with a list of hard drive serial numbers together with a Certificate of Destruction.

If required, erased hard drives are removed from site and shredded at our premises.

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DSA Connect’s on-site data destruction service provides that added bit of security for any business by completely obliterating unused hard drive data in less than 60 seconds with the Ontrack® Eraser Degausser. Get peace of mind and added security, contact DSA Connect to discuss the complete eradication of redundant data.

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