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Secure Data Erasure

We offer three types of secure data erasure depending on specific requirements, as follows:

Data Sanitisation

We ensure that your sensitive data has been permanently erased from servers, laptops, desktops, hard drives and solid-state drives by using data sanitisation software approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Devices remain operable after sanitisation thereby maintaining their full re-sale value. Each erasure produces a verified certificate for auditing and compliance purposes.


Our OntrackĀ® eraser degausser destroys 100% of data from hard drives and data tapes, rendering the devices completely inoperable. Degaussing is the ideal solution for large volumes of end-of-life magnetic media and, as it is a mobile unit, it can be carried out on-site. The OntrackĀ® eraser degausser is also approved by the NCSC. A Certificate of Destruction is provided for all media degaussed.

Hard Drive Shredding & Granulating

After degaussing, all disused and obsolete hard drives are destroyed in our industrial shredder. Many government departments require that redundant hard drives are destroyed to a particle size of 6mm. We have the capacity to meet this requirement using our in-house granulator. A Certificate of Destruction is provided for all shredded and granulated media.

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