DSA Connect - DSA Connect are proud to support EcoPeace Middle East

DSA Connect are proud to support EcoPeace Middle East

DSA Connect had the opportunity to visit the Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli region to see the important work of EcoPeace Middle East.


Who are EcoPeace Middle East?

EcoPeace Middle East are a unique NGO that bring together Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli environmentalists in promoting co-operative efforts for protecting their shared environment, whilst creating the necessary conditions for bringing lasting peace in their region. 

DSA Connect’s trip to the Middle East

DSA connect were fortunate enough to be invited on a tour of the Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli region. Here we saw first-hand the work that was being carried out by EcoPeace. We visited EcoParks in both Jordan and Palestine which are fabulous community-based environmental projects, attracting multi-faith and multi-cultural workers, visitors and communities. 

We witnessed the devastating effect of the depletion of the Dead Sea. The sea level has fallen over 25 metres and is continuing to drop by 1 metre per year.  EcoPeace is at the forefront of creating a collaborative regional development plan to preserve this most important sea which is known for its unique geographical, biological and historical value.

DSA connect also visited the River Jordan, which is being threatened by excessive water diversion and pollution and being used as a general dumping ground.  EcoPeace is extremely active in reviving the River Jordan and it was, indeed, heartening and inspiring to see parts of the River already cleaned up due to the work of EcoPeace. 

DSA Connect’s continued support of EcoPeace Middle East

EcoPeace Middle East is a fantastic example of bringing environmental change through engagement with communities.  They are unique in that they are engaging with cross-border communities in areas beset with cross-border conflicts.  However, they recognise that environmental issues affect both sides of the divide and so actively engage in ‘environmental peace-building’. 

What a great lesson for all of us at DSA connect!  We strongly believe that consideration for our environment and engagement with our local communities is key to the way we conduct our business.  We are committed to the re-use and recycling of assets in line with our zero to landfill policy and by supporting our local community through financial, material and equipment donations. 

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