DSA Connect - Easy to follow cybersecurity bestpractises for employees

Easy to follow cybersecurity bestpractises for employees


As a business, it is vital to understand how you can implement cybersecurity best practises for employees in order to avoid mistakes that could lead to disastrous effects. Cybersecurity attacks are more common than you might think, thus it is important to keep up all fronts in order to be protected against them, including all levels of staff.

IBM statistics highlight that 95% of data breaches are a result of human error. DSA Connect suggests these cybersecurity best practises for employees to keep your business safe from a data breach:

Avoiding phishing attacks
Phishing is one of the most common and easiest ways to catch out employees and put a business at risk of a security breach. Phishing is the act of attempting to gain sensitive information, such as financial information, by disguising itself as a trustworthy site. It may often occur in emails, calls or messages. The best way to keep safe from this type of cyberattack is to educate staff on how to keep their details safe, how to trust a hacker email and what to do in the event of a phishing attack.

Password protection
It is a common tip to have a strong password, that’s because it matters! Passwords are getting easier to decode, and with more advanced technology it becomes easier for hackers to access personal information and details that could lead them to your security questions and answers etc. Having a secure password doesn’t require much, just follow the three key rules:

  • The longer the password the better
  • Combine words to make it more complex
  • Use special characters

Make sure you are always caught up on the importance of password security.

Invest in education and training
The safety of your business comes down to how much you invest in it, and its security should always be at the forefront of it. In the digital age, no business is off the grid, thus making it accessible to hackers from all over the world.

It is important to implement cybersecurity best practises for employees in order to maximise your security on the web. Because whilst security systems are important, it is well known that the majority of data breaches are caused due to human error. Thus, making staff aware of cybersecurity as a priority will ensure that all employees follow the best cybersecurity best practises. In any event of a data breach and to comply with GDPR laws, ensure that your stale data is fully inaccessible and permanently deleted.

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