DSA Connect - End of Life IT Services

End of Life IT Services

DSA Connect’s End of Life IT Service takes the stress out of IT and telecoms equipment removal. Recovering redundant equipment from across the UK, DSA Connect de-brands and eradicates data using certified data sanitisation tools. The end of life service allows for the complete removal of unused data from big volumes of IT equipment, either on or off-site. Keeping with company values, DSA Connect disposes of erased matters in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

How does the End of Life IT Service work?

Offering free collection UK wide, DSA Connect ensures the safe removal of all old and unused IT equipment. With no limitations or minimum restrictions on the volume of equipment collected and no specific requirements on the packaging of equipment, the end of life IT service is the perfect solution for any scale office or business facility.

All equipment collections are carried out in unmarked, GPS fitted vehicles, ensuring the cargo is non-identifiable, whilst being satellite-tracked for the close and constant monitoring from a remote location. When at the depot, vehicles are unloaded immediately with equipment stored in a securely alarmed facility. 

The end of life IT service effectively destroys data using certified data sanitisation tools, such as data destruction, data erasure and hard drive shredding to destroy redundant data. DSA Connect provides customers digitally signed, tamper-proof data destruction certificates for auditing and compliance purposes, as well as ensuring all items are de-branded with asset tags and company logos removed, providing an asset inventory to customers within 10 working days of collection. 

Dedicated to reducing waste, DSA Connect on-sell any IT equipment that remains in working order following the data eradication process. Offering money-back on any equipment re-sales, items are offered for sale by end-user and trade outlets with customers receiving monthly sales reports confirming all items sold and the price obtained.

Maintaining an active zero to landfill policy, DSA Connect recycles all residual components by manually dismantling IT equipment that is unsuitable for refurbishment or re-sale. Segregating the materials and sub-assemblies, components are despatched to licenced recycling facilities ready to be used in place of raw materials for industrial processes. Items not suitable for dismantling are sent to licenced Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) processing plants. At the time of collection, waste transfer notes are provided.

Key Features of End of Life IT Services

  • UK wide collection
  • On and off-site data sanitisation capabilities
  • Money-back on equipment re-sales
  • Data sanitisation tools certified by NCSC and CESG approved
  • Zero to landfill recycling policy

Get in touch

Don’t let old office equipment build-up and create the risk of being hacked. DSA Connect’s End of Life IT Service ensures the safe removal of old IT equipment. Removing any identifiable features, certified tools are used to wipe all elements of data. Contact DSA Connect to discuss equipment collection or data destruction.

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