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Hard Drive Shredding

Hard drive shredding ensures the physical destruction of media storage devices, leaving data unrecoverable. Using a granulator, hard drives are chopped into tiny fragments and physically destroys any device ensuring it cannot be sold on or used again.

How does a granulator work?

The granulator renders data unrecoverable by finely grinding hard drives and other storage media into small particles. 

Hard drive shredding is the process of using a granulator to physically destroy disused and obsolete hard drives and other storage devices. Operating with sharp blades spinning at high speeds, the granulator shreds devices to a particle size of 6mm, completely destroying the device and data stored within. 

With the capability to shred multiple items at one time, the granulator will physically disintegrate a variety of storage devices in one use, including USBs, CDs, DVDs, floppy disks.

For auditing and compliance purposes, a certificate of destruction is provided, together with a list of hard drive serial numbers of the devices shredded.  

Committed to reducing waste, DSA Connect recycles all remnants of hard drive shredding. Following the data destruction process, the shredded materials are dispatched to licenced recycling facilities for smelting and metal recovery, with the remaining components being used in place of raw materials for industrial processes.

Key Features of Hard Drive Shredding

  • Ability to destroy multiple storage items at one time
  • Complete destruction of media
  • Certificate of data destruction and list of devices for audit and compliance

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Removing the risk of any unused media storage devices or hard drives getting in the wrong hands, DSA Connect’s hard drive shredding service ensures no recovery of stored data. Contact DSA Connect to discuss the total destruction of redundant hard drives.

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