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IT Asset Disposal Management for corporate and government organisations

Data Centre Decommissioning

Data Centre Decommissioning

Decommissioning a data centre involves a systematic process to safely and efficiently shut down and remove the equipment and infrastructure within the facility.

DSA Connect’s general steps involved in decommissioning a data centre:

  1. Planning
  2. Equipment Shutdown
  3. Asset Inventory
  4. Removal and Disposal
  5. Data Destruction
  6. Infrastructure Cleanup
  7. Documentation and Reporting

Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Removing data from all electronic media is important for two reasons: to protect confidential and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands and to prevent personal information from being used for identity theft. Removing data from electronic media not only ensures the protection of individuals and businesses, but also helps to create a safe and secure digital environment.

There are three techniques used by DSA Connect to eradicate data:

  1. Blancco Drive Eraser software
  2. Degaussing
  3. Granulating to 6mm particles

Secure IT Asset Disposal

Secure IT Asset Disposal

We have the expertise and resources to securely dispose of your IT assets, ensuring that all data is destroyed and all assets are either reused or recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

A full audit trail, from collection to disposal, is provided with reports and certifications accessed via our secure customer portal.

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