DSA Connect - On site data destruction with DSA Connect

On site data destruction with DSA Connect


What is the difference between erasure, destruction and hard drive shredding?

  • Data erasure involves data being permanently erased from servers, laptops, desktops, hard drives and solid-state drives by using Blancco Driver Eraser 6.
  • Data destruction differs slightly in that it destroys data from hard drives and data tapes using OntrackĀ® Eraser Degausser, which is ideal for on site data destruction.
  • Hard drive shredding is the physical destruction of disused and obsolete hard drives using a granulator. Which again, works well with on site data destruction.

So how does on site data destruction work?

On site destruction simply means DSA Connect coming to your place of work and destroying your unused or possibly harmful data right before your eyes. This is done using our mobile Ontrack Degausser which complete obliterates all hard drive data in less than 30 seconds and produces a verified Data Destruction Certificate for every hard drive.

Data destruction is needed primarily for security reasons. Destroying unused and old data is a part of owning and running a business, whether small, medium or large. It is to ensure that the company is not prone to data breaches. Some of the shocking facts will make any business aware that data breaches are possibly for any business, anywhere:

  • Approximately 6,466,440 records are breached every day worldwide (source)
  • There is a hacker targeting businesses every 39 seconds (source)
  • 43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses (source)


Make sure that your business is not adding to these statistics!

It may be that some companies feel more secure with on site data destruction, as the data is destroyed within a few seconds and a Data Destruction Certificate produced, right before their eyes.

DSA Connect can travel up to anywhere in the UK (terms and conditions apply) to destroy all kinds of data. Maximum care is ensured when destroying such data to ensure maximum security, so you can have peace of mind knowing that no data will be available for hackers to take.

The benefits of data destruction are immeasurable. If a company values their security, the security of their customers or consumers – (former, current, and future), and their own reputation and overall business, the benefits of data destruction are essential in their eyes. These are:

  • It will protect your customers and employees from cyber attacks, such as data breaches.
  • You will not face any repercussions from a data breach as you would have gotten rid of your unused data.
  • This includes saving your money, as there will be no fines from official bodies, no lawsuits, and no spending money on experts to help you get out of a sticky situation!
  • The reputation of the company will stay in tact, thus not costing you any customers.
  • You will be ensured that no hacker will access any personal information of your customers and employees.
  • You will be able to get on with your day to day business while DSA Connect handle your unused and possibly harmful data!


The benefits of on site data destruction as a whole are all of the benefits included in data destruction, but with the addition of extra peace of mind knowing the data has been destroyed instantly in front of your eyes and the convenience of having DSA Connect do all of the heavy lifting!

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