DSA Connect - Importance of data destruction: destroying unused data

Importance of data destruction: destroying unused data


Data destruction in a business is a must. Gathering personal data from customers has become a commonplace business practice for almost all businesses in the digital age. Having personal data to better cater services and products is a handy tip in bettering a business, but it comes with the responsibility of knowing the appropriate steps to safe data destruction and how and when to make sure unused data is properly disposed of.

There are legal implications to not disposing of data appropriately, in which a business can result in having legal implications, risk the security of staff, customers and even the business itself. And whilst security measures, such as data destruction, and risk prevention can be taken – the correct steps should be taken in the case of a data breach.


The legal and financial implications

The legal implications of a data breach can cause a lot of issues for a business, especially a small business; considering that over 50% of data breaches are targetted at small business – for the reason that they are suspected to not be caught up on the correct data security.

The business will be directly liable if a data breach occurs. In the case that it does, this can lead to businesses facing:

  • Compensation of affected staff or customers
  • GDPR fines
  • The cost of fixing software
  • The cost of fixing business reputation


The security of the business

The security of a business falls with how it is able to deal with difficult implications such as data breaches, its legal implications, acting on the level of responsibility held in keeping staff and customers safe and more.

Ensure that appropriate measures are taken in order to keep data protected. Active PII is often made secure via encryption, however, stale data should always go through secure data destruction. Data erasure, as well as equipment removal, also play a big part in keeping a business secure.


Need more information on data destruction?

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