DSA Connect - The importance of password security

The importance of password security


Be better equipped, understand the importance of password security

Passwords are used every single day to protect personal accounts and information and are an incredibly important factor for keeping accounts secure against hackers. Re-using or using a weak password creates a vulnerability for personal or business accounts, which often leads to accounts being breached. The importance of password security is ever-increasing, especially as passwords are required for multiple accounts and used across a variety of electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Creating account vulnerability does not only come from using a weak password, as using the same password for multiple accounts leaves an easy entry point for hackers – take the right steps to protect all accounts against the risk of a data breach.

Don’t get caught out by a weak password

The most common entry point for hackers is through password cracking techniques, so the importance of password security should be understood and recognised for both personal and professional protection to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to emails, business or personal accounts, banking information and in extreme cases, identity theft. 

With the majority of the population, roughly 90 per cent, admitting to using the same password for multiple accounts, and just under half of them also admit that the same password is also used for work devices, it is clear that password security is not taken seriously or is often overlooked.

What makes a strong password?

To ensure a strong password the following factors must be considered:

  • The longer the password the better – use a minimum of 10 characteristics
  • Combine words to make it complicated – use more than 1 word when creating the password
  • Use other features to make it complex – use a combination of characters, numbers and letters
  • Don’t duplicate, mix it up – never use the same password for more than 1 account
  • Listen to the experts – use password protection guides to ensure a strong password


Add extra security with multi-factor authentication

When it comes to protecting confidential business data, it is up to the individual company to outline the importance of password security by implementing security protocols or using additional security methods, such as multi-factor authentication.

Incorporating additional levels of security to the user authentication process builds a stronger and more secure network. In addition to strong password protection, companies can incorporate the following for a strong multi-factor authentication process:

  • Include verification questions – users would be required to answer security questions relating to personal information
  • Incorporate human characteristics – user biometrics are scanned to verify personnel, including fingerprints, an eye scan or facial recognition
  • Make every log-in unique – use toneless two-factor authentication by sending a one-time-pin or access code to the user


Individuals and businesses need to understand the importance of password security, as strong password protection will assist in keeping data safe. However, it cannot ensure complete safety and security against hacking software, so businesses need to ensure that unused or redundant data is completely removed. DSA Connect offers a range of services to ensure the total eradication of redundant data, including Data Destruction, Data Erasure, Hard Drive Shredding and End-of-Life IT Service, removing the risk of confidential information being accessed by outside sources. Contact DSA Connect today to discuss any data removal requirements.

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